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 Time in server:
 Position you're applying for:
 Past experience:
 One full paragraph why you want this position: 

  1. On ship you see two troopers having a fight, they both exchange words then attack each other. How would you attempt to resolve the fight between them and punish them accordingly?


  1.  During a mission you and your troop come across an enemy squad patrolling the area, half of your troop wants to ambush the enemy but the other half wants to report to command and await orders. What would you do and why?


    1. In case of an emergency that risks the lives of personal, who is the most important to protect? Naval personnel, Trooper personnel, or Sith?

 Important Information: Becoming a commander is a serious role, you are expected to host tryouts to build your regiment and train them well. Commanders are the role models among the troops, if you have a bad image among the ship or fail to meet the expectations of a basic commander you may be removed from the position and demoted. As a commander you will need to follow the ship rules and  make rules for your regiment, if you are found breaking the rules you will be given a serious punishment, that being demotion, promotion suspension, removal of position etc. Commanders are expected to be competent and wise, they give advice among the troops while leading them into battle, if you can’t be competent to even lead troops you are not worthy to enter the chain of command. Expectations:  

  1. Host tryouts and trainings
  2. Ability to lead through combat
  3. Must have basic training and combat knowledge
  4. Contribute to the server/ship
  5. Impressive area of work
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