King Hamish for Staff

King Hamish for Staff

Posted 4 weeks ago

[BoW] King Hamish IV

Trial Moderator

1. SteamID:
2. Name In Game: King Hamish IV
3. Discord Name+ID E.G. Bily#6912): King Hamish IV#0614
4. Age: 266
5. Do you have a mic and does it work?: Yesh
6. Did anyone recommend you for staff? (If no one recommended you, leave this blank): Phantom said 
7. What made you interested in applying for staff on NVN?: Im a pretty good staff honestly 
8. What can you tell us about yourself?: I was co owner of gaminglight for 2 years 7 years ago
9. Previous staff experience (list servers too): Co-Owner, Plugin Maker, Admin, Mentor, Trial Mod on Smokes
9a. Explain what RDM is: Random Death Match killing players with no RP reason
9b. Explain what Metagaming is: Meta Gaming is using outside info for ingame gain
9c. Explain what a minge is: Harrasment Lite
9d. Explain what FailRP is: Failing to follow server rules regarding RP or general common sense
10. How would you impact our community? (Minimum 5 Sentences):
I would impact your community in a benficial way, allowing players a chance to enjoy RP all while mediating situations. I bring a fun little silly attitude which benefits and improves the moods of others around me. I can respond quickly and on my feet to separate situations. Seen alot know alot when it comes to handling a player base on a large scale. I can provide solutions to problems that may seem outside the box and can put alot of energy into bettering a server.
11a. Give three examples of ULX commands:
11b. How well can you perform under pressure? [1-10]: 
11c. How patient are you? [1-10]:
12a. A player is accused of RDM. What do you do?:
Investigate and respond accordingly. Sometimes player reports arent as black and white and I can adapt accordingly.
12b. A player is minging. What do you do?:
Investigate, if found he is mute or kick for first time and after that if it continues day ban
12c. A player is cheating. What do you do?:
Perma Ban
12d. A player is mic spamming. What do you do?:
Ask to stop if refused Gag em or mute and in event it doesnt work kick than after that ban for day
12e. A player is spamming chat. What do you do?:
Verbally warn them if they dont stop kick them 
13. Do you have any VAC or Game ban(s) on record?: 1 for csgo 14 years ago or some shit
14. Anything else you'd like to tell us?:
Im ready to help you! so please help me help you.



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