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1. SteamID: STEAM_0:0:634353275
2. Name In Game: skips
3. Age: 13
4. Do you have a mic?: Yes
5. Did anyone recommend you for staff? (If no one recommended you, leave this blank):
6. What made you interested in applying for staff on NVN?: I love the server and the people wanna help out around here
7. What can you tell us about yourself?: i work hard and i will help people
8. Previous staff experience: rust
9a. Explain what RDM is: Random killing for no reason when 
9b. Explain what Metagaming is: Hearing someone say something and doing something about it before they can do anything
9c. Explain what a minge is: Minge is u runin the sever for everyone else 
9d. Explain what FailRP is: Fail RP is when you are are doing a RP situation and dont acutally do the thing your supposed to like breaking a rule in a rp situation
10. How would you impact our community? (Minimum 5 Sentences): I am a active player and will help people in need for anything. I am a hardworker and a loyal person. I want to make sure that no one is cheating or rdming. I also wanna help the sever go good and make sure nothing happens.
11a. Give three examples of ULX commands: !ban !noclip !menu
11b. How well can you perform under pressure? [1-10]: 7
11c. How patient are you? [1-10]: 8
12a. A player is accused of RDM. What do you do?: i would ask for a clip and id they dont have one i would check logs
12b. A player is minging. What do you do?: See if anyone has proof and if they do warn them for minge
12c. A player is cheating. What do you do?: i would ask for proof and if the clip looks like he or she is cheating i will ban then for  6m
12d. A player is mic spamming. What do you do?: Gag them for 20 minutes
12e. A player is spamming chat. What do you do?: Mute them for 20 minutes
13. Do you have any VAC or Game ban(s) on record?: No
14. Anything else you'd like to tell us?:


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