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1. SteamID: STEAM_0:0:644958687
2. Name In Game: ST PVT 4332 Kookie
3. Age: 18
4. Do you have a mic?: Yes
5. Did anyone recommend you for staff? (If no one recommended you, leave this blank):
6. What made you interested in applying for staff on NVN?: Needs staff on to whitelist
7. What can you tell us about yourself?: I like games, shows, i am patient person and helpful.
8. Previous staff experience: Starwars TMOD - S.R Admin on a few servers that are now shut down.
9a. Explain what RDM is: Where someone kills someone without a real RP reason.
9b. Explain what Metagaming is: When you take information from OOC, discord or in-game such as their name or job to do something in RP. e.g. They have the Name "Undercover Rebel" and you say they are a rebel without proof.
9c. Explain what a minge is: Where they mess about, dont listen, troll or FAILRP is a form of minge
9d. Explain what FailRP is: FAILRP is where they do not rp e.g. not listening to orders, sitting on heads, killing themselves to get away from being arrested etc
10. How would you impact our community? (Minimum 5 Sentences): Help train, whitelist, interact with new players, get them to see the server and try to get them to keep playing on the server as without players the server won't be as good.
11a. Give three examples of ULX commands: ulx god ^, ulx cloak ^, ulx noclip ^, ulx jail @ 120 Minge
11b. How well can you perform under pressure? [1-10]: 9
11c. How patient are you? [1-10]: 9
12a. A player is accused of RDM. What do you do?: Check the damage logs. If they have just !warn them for RDM
12b. A player is minging. What do you do?: Get their side of the story, then ask reporter if anyone else saw it, make a judgement if it is true !warn them
12c. A player is cheating. What do you do?: Get proof i.e recordings ban them then send to higherup
12d. A player is mic spamming. What do you do?: Tell them to stop first then second time gag them for a bit
12e. A player is spamming chat. What do you do?: Warn them in chat then mute them if they don't stop
13. Do you have any VAC or Game ban(s) on record?: No
14. Anything else you'd like to tell us?: Cookies are nice.
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